Our Approach to Many Challenges!


  Academic Challenges:  

–  Skill Building 

 – Critical Thinking

– Creative Thinking

 – Comprehension

Our Approach:

Unique, comprehensive, and 

confidence-building learning activities that allow participants to practice, practice, and practice in fun and creative ways!

Participants Enjoy Reviewing/Learning Math and Reading Concepts Through Game Based Interaction!!


Social Challenges:

 – Developing Creativity and  Compassion

–  Opportunities to Practice Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

– Awareness through Fieldtrips, Research, and Discussion 


 Creative Spaces for positive, social interactions in safe environments!  Fostering exploration, imagination, communication, friendship and life – skills. 

Participants Engage in Our Unique Arts Program, Fieldtrips, and Employment/Volunteer Opportunities to Increase Positive and Fulfilling Social Interactions!!!


Challenges to STEM Exploration:

– Access to Mentors

– Shadowing Opportunities

– Hands-on Exploration

– Awareness and Advocacy


Science exploration and STEM career awareness! Nutrition and health workshops to help foster healthy habits, mindfulness, and self-care.

Participants Explore Healthy Habits & Health Science Programs in an Effort to Support the Global Initiative to Increase Minority Representation in STEM Fields and Health Promotion!

Photo Gallery

Join Us Summer 2023!!!!

Art Program Activity!

Art activity developed and facilitated by our Youth Leadership Employee!!!!

Miss Mora B.

Learn and Create!!!

Using art to foster positive social interactions and encourage creativity!

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