Our Approach to Many Challenges!


  Academic Challenges:  

–  Skill Building 

 – Critical Thinking

– Creative Thinking

 – Comprehension

Our Approach:

Unique, comprehensive, and 

confidence-building learning activities that allow participants to practice, practice, and practice in fun and creative ways!

Participants Enjoy Reviewing/Learning Math and Reading Concepts Through Game Based Interaction!!


Social Challenges:

 – Developing Creativity and  Compassion

–  Opportunities to Practice Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

– Awareness through Fieldtrips, Research, and Discussion 


 Creative Spaces for positive, social interactions in safe environments!  Fostering exploration, imagination, communication, friendship and life – skills. 

Participants Engage in Our Unique Arts Program, Fieldtrips, and Employment/Volunteer Opportunities to Increase Positive and Fulfilling Social Interactions!!!


Challenges to STEM Exploration:

– Access to Mentors

– Shadowing Opportunities

– Hands-on Exploration

– Awareness and Advocacy


Science exploration and STEM career awareness! Nutrition and health workshops to help foster healthy habits, mindfulness, and self-care.

Participants Explore Healthy Habits & Health Science Programs in an Effort to Support the Global Initiative to Increase Minority Representation in STEM Fields and Health Promotion!

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