The Challenges and Our Solutions!

Challenge #1

Challenges maintaining basic proficiency and retaining concepts/skills learned in math and reading which can often affect overall performance and desire.


Our programs seek to support youth in this area by providing unique, comprehensive, and confidence – building learning activities. Programs help with the reiteration of basic concepts and ample opportunities for practice in a creative group setting to encourage lifelong learners!

Participants Enjoy Reviewing and Learning Math Concepts Through Game Based Interaction!!

Challenge #2

Few opportunities that provide positive social interactions or recreation resulting in the need for mentorship, networking, employment, and creativity enhancing experiences. 


We provide and create opportunities for positive social interaction in safe environments where participants can explore, create, communicate, gain knowledge, positive friendships, and summer wages!

Participants Engage In Our Unique Arts Program and Youth Summer Jobs To Increase Positive and Fulfilling Social Interactions!!!

Challenge #3

Poor exposure to and awareness of STEM concepts and careers.  Particularly in the Health and Medical Fields, as well as, risks of poor health and nutrition for minorities in underserved communities.


We provide science awareness and exposure to increase knowledge and interest in health and STEM fields/careers while educating participants on the importance of incorporating healthy habits such as, exercise and nutrition into their lifestyle!

Participants Explore Health & Health Science Programs That Support The Global Initiative To Increase Minority Representation In Health and STEM Fields!