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Corita Key

Founder/Executive Director


Community Activist


Our Story

Key 2 Success: Youth Advancement Organization was founded in 2016 by a single mother who wanted to do nothing more than help her children have enjoyable learning experiences! Particularly, as she would enforce summer learning to reduce their chances of low academic performance throughout the school year that is sometimes referred to as the, “learning gap.”  This gap is often a result of or perpetuated by the decrease in learning activities over summer break, among other challenges.  

As she made it mandatory for her children to complete these summer learning tasks, she found this tradition to be intolerable for the kids. Although highly motivated young individuals, they just didn’t favor learning at the table during the summer months alone. 

So, she offered them the choice of including their friends! Which led to the idea of Key 2 Success: Youth Advancement Organization! This unique organization offers different learning activities that she refers to as, “Action/Game Based” learning, practice, and exposure opportunities! An extraordinary learning experience you will never forget when you join Key 2 Success!